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Should men and women have equal access to education?

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Should men and women have equal access to education?

The survey explored the issue of gender equality in education by asking respondents whether they agree or disagree with the following statement: “Women should have the same opportunities as men in education.” The vast majority of respondents (83%) agreed with the statement (either strongly or somewhat), while only 16% disagreed. There has been a steady decrease in the level of strong support for gender equality in education between 2006 (58%) and 2013 (43%). However, the overall level of support (i.e., including those who either strongly or somewhat agree with equal opportunities for women in education) has stayed high and constant.

Urban residents (91%) are significantly more likely to support equal educational opportunities for women compared to rural residents (81%). Across the country, respondents from the West (21%) and South West (15%) regions were most likely to disagree with gender equality in education, while those in the Central/Hazarajat region (3%) were least likely to disagree. While Hazaras (88%) appear to be slightly more likely to be supportive of equal educational opportunities for women, overall there were no notable differences across ethnic groups.

Additional Insights from the 2013 Nationwide Data

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